A strong partnership starts now!

Are you giving your partnership the right amount of attention?

Our 90-day challenge will teach you techniques and concepts to help you build and maintain a successful and long-lasting partnership.

How the challenge works.


In your inbox you will find the weekly challenge for you to carry out. Whether it be a small action to take or a topic to contemplate, it is designed to bolster your partnership and encourage positive communication.

Additionally, we will share the insights and comments from cofounders who undertook the previous week’s challenge. Learn what worked for them and how they integrated the challenge into their partnership.


Along with a reminder to complete the week’s challenge, you will also have the chance to participate in our Question of the Week. This short survey is designed to capture unique insights into how cofounders navigate their partnerships.

We share the results of these polls every Thursday, giving you the opportunity to glean valuable information and apply it within your cofounder relationship.

What to Expect


Learn how to maximize your partnership and multiply your efforts.


Create positive habits and routines that will strengthen your relationship.


Learn communication skills that ensure expectations and goals are met.


Mitigate conflict and navigate difficult conversations quickly and easily.


The Cofounder’s


An A-Z guide for those in, or searching for, a business partnership.

The Cofounder’s Handbook provides insight, practical advice, and proven tips from actual real-world cofounders on how to build and maintain a rewarding partnership.

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