Cofounder/Investor Survey

Is your investment in danger?

A Harvard study shows that 65% of business partnerships dissolve due to conflicts among founders. This poses a risk not only to the founders but also to investors and VCs. We believe that investors who support the well-being of cofounder relationships provide a unique advantage to the Limited Partners (LPs) who trust their firm, distinguishing themselves from other VCs.

Please take a moment to help us better understand how you and your firm navigate the cofounder partnerships within your organization.

NOTE: the results of this survey are private and confidential, used only for internal research purposes.

Investor Connection

About You

Preferred Areas of Focus

What industries do you invest in?
At what stage do you typically invest?
What percentage of your overall portfolio companies have a cofounder partnership?
Do you vet the health of the cofounder’s partnership before investment?
If yes, in what areas do you do significant vetting?
Do you invest in the personal growth of your founders? (Leadership training, mental health, communication skills, cofounder dynamics, etc)
If yes, how do you have it set up?
What concerns do you have about the founderships of your portfolio companies? (mark all that apply):

Which products or services would you be interested in:


Mitigating Risk

When your LPs ask, "How are you mitigating risk?", do you highlight the efforts you take to support the success of cofounder partnerships within your portfolio companies? At The Cofounder’s Hub, we are dedicated to helping VCs and angel investors evaluate the viability of entrepreneur partnerships before investment and support founders throughout their journey. By thoroughly examining each cofounding partnership, we help protect your investment through coaching, mediation, and strategic planning.

If you'd like more information on how we can help your firm mitigate the risks inherent in your portfolio companies' cofounder partnerships, please enter your email below. We'll reach out to discuss available options and how we can support your investment success.

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