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Helping you navigate and build a successful cofounder partnership.

Every partnership is a journey.

At The Cofounder’s hub, we walk beside you as you navigate your partnership.

Whether you are starting out or have been partners for decades, we provide the guidance and tools to ensure that your partnership is, and stays strong.

The Cofounder’s


Leave no stone unturned, no question unanswered.

Based on the stories of countless cofounders, we help take your everyday business-related conversations further, pushing you to ask the questions you haven’t thought of or are afraid to ask.

Protect yourself and your business; head off issues before they arise.

The Cofounder’s

self assessment

Do you know what you need in a cofounder?

There are a myriad of factors you might not have considered prior to constructing your business partner wish list.  Identify traits and skill sets that may be better search criteria for your “perfect cofounder” by taking The Cofounder’s Self Assessment.

Create a complete picture of yourself and find out what pieces of the puzzle are missing in your journey to success.

The Cofounder’s


A better partnership = a better business.

Your cofounder partnership is the foundation of your business. Our 90-day challenge will help you reinforce and strengthen it, enabling you to multiply your efforts as a team.

Start The Cofounder’s Challenge today!

The Cofounder’s


An A-Z guide for those in, or searching for, a business partnership.

The Cofounder’s Handbook provides insight, practical advice, and proven tips from actual real-world cofounders on how to build and maintain a rewarding partnership.

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